wood cladding

Our wall architecture and outside cladding fabrics mark every one of the beaters. Whether you’re searching for structure boards, house cladding or eco-accommodating wood weatherboard installation available to be bought in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or away in Australia, Weathertex take care of you. At the point when you are set to buy, costs can be gotten by reaching your closest providers.

Weathertex History

 Australian claimed and fabricated with a better than zero carbon print, Weathertex’s external wood cladding is the stylish answer for any manufacturer, modeller or creator in look for ecologically conscious and great material. All Weathertex particulars are made in Australia from, PEFC affirmed state forestland or non-public hardwoods with virtually no emulsion added substances. Weathertex weatherboards are assured not to spoil, resolve or break for a long time.

The assembling office was originally established in 1939 in Raymond Terrace, NSW. Gigantic gambles have been made in the factory over multitudinous times to help progressing creation, further develop oil services and present weatherboard installation current computerisation fabrics. We’re 100 per cent Australian claimed and worked, exercising in excess of 100 near individualities for further than 50 times.

Weathertex wood cladding checks every one of the cases. Australian claimed with a better than zero carbon print, earth delicate and in contact with the present ultramodern principles, for a cleaner climate.

 One platoon, growing together

Whether part of the group in our assembling office at Raymond Terrace, or part of our staff each over Australia, we accept a brought weatherboard installation together group assists an association with developing. Supporting each other forms a steady association and a cheerful labour force.

Our association just purposes PEFC affirmed state backwoods or non-public wood cladding from controlled sources. The logs are minced, mashed and squeezed with 3 regular waxes to make Australian eco-accommodating, timber particulars that are completely normal with no substance added substances.

Weathertex gets Platinum typically

We have gone through a thorough assessment from global green tag to decide the” green prosecution” of our particulars and we’re pleased to report that our natural reach is the first manufactured product encyclopaedically to get green tag platinum instrument with a green rate level A.

We likewise got Gold delegation for our set position wood cladding (Suffolk) and wall board wastes. At Weathertex, we’re committed in assuming a part in working on the maintainability of Australian development particulars and practices.


 Finalist in architecture and designs sustainability awards for 2017 building products. Weathertex is supported weatherboard installation through the PEFC (Program for the Countersign of Forest Certification), which advances sustainable forest management through independent stranger instrument