The significant increase in the influx of shoppers during the holiday season is a security nightmare. Shopping mall administrations teams are faced with a multitude of issues when it comes to maintaining the safety in shopping malls, not just during holiday seasons but on a day to day basis. It is of utmost importance to guarantee the safety of shoppers and make sure they have a pleasant shopping experience. So here are some tips to increase safety in shopping malls.


Every nook and cranny in the world seems to have a CCTV camera installed somewhere. Therefore, it is without question that a place as busy and crowded as a mall should too. It is important that all activities are caught on camera. The presence of cameras reduces the risk of theft and vandalism as it is easier to catch someone once they are seen on camera. Even if a theft does occur, the presence of video evidence makes the process of catching the criminals more efficient.

Security guards

A mall’s security guards are in fact the first line of defense against any threat posed to the mall, be it a gunman or a thief. Security guards should always patrol the building and constantly be on the alert for any suspicious activity and be prepared to confront any security risks. Malls should also have the capacity to deploy additional guards on days with a high influx of shoppers. Security guards should be given ample training on how to react and deal with dangerous situations. Visit

Mall parking

Malls should ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians using its parking areas. The parking area should be equipped with CCTV cameras and be well lit at all times of the day, this is to reduce the risk of theft and ensure the safety of mall goers both inside and outside the mall. The parking area should contain car park line marking at Sydney that clearly indicates the allocated parking areas and the pedestrian walking areas. The parking area should also contain signs that will help drivers and pedestrians navigate through the car park with ease. All these measures are essential in avoiding accidents and injury to shoppers as they step outside the mall.

Emergency exits

Shopping malls should display an evacuation plan, in case of a fire or any other emergency, that shows all exits in the mall. All exit doors should be easily accessible and visible and therefore should be clearly sign-posted, especially in a way that it can even be seen in the dark.