Modern bathrooms have a number of great additions. These additions were not the part of traditionally available bathrooms and toilets. One of these innovative ideas is the walk in showers. Those who have already added these showers in their homes have enjoyed both the positive and negative aspects associated with these. The users have expressed their satisfaction over the way they work but at the same time there are some who are not happy with these kinds of showers. Considering the experience of the users here we have enlisted the pros and cons associated with the walk in showers so that who want to buy the showers would be in a better position to make their mind regarding the walk in showers thus, protecting them from the loss of all sorts.


Unlike the other shower doors these walk in showers are a one single piece glass door. Thus, the chances of breakage are very little. These showers are very safe especially when you have kids.
Walk in showers require easy cleaning and maintenance. The completely glass make makes sure that there is no metal piece in between that would hurt while cleaning. The smooth glass surface makes sure that it can be cleaned without adding extra hours of this tedious job. There are little joints and spaces in between therefore no dirt would get stuck in between.
It is a sophisticated option for the bathrooms. It looks good and matches everyone’s style and needs. The frameless glass fitting is a glamorous addition for any bathroom.

1.      Many accidents of slipping are reported related to these walk in showers. The main reason of slipping being that the showers are open and the water therefore spreads out. The water gets collected on the surface and so can result in slipping leading to severe injuries.
2.      The open environment would not prevent the comparatively uneasy hot air from coming into the bathroom. Thus, instead of enjoying a comfortable bath time the bathroom becomes little tiring and irritating. At the same time the hot air also increases the humidity in the shower.
3.      Unlike the usual bathroom doors the walk in showers are comparatively expensive on the price side. This price raise is due to the design of small bathroom renovations Melbourne and the glass used in its creation.

These walk in showers can be great addition to the bathrooms of all kinds. These pros and cons can clearly tell that whether the walk in shower should be bought or not.